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Unit 10 Assignment – Implementation Plan and Reflection
Yanika Patterson
Capella University
Description of Educational Program Many women who leave domestic violence situations do not have the economic literacy to make it on their own. This financial educational program will give them the skills and knowledge they need to perform tasks of creating a budget, learning about credit, and understanding how they got in the situation in the first place. The program will be for the clients of A Safe Place, a domestic violence agency.
Marketing and Promotion Plan Marketing plan for the financial education program will not be that involved. Since it will be offered to the clients, notification will be easy. Promotion will first start with the counselors and therapists talking up the program with the clients. Important points will be brought out as to how the program will be helpful toward their journey of independence. Interest will be noted. Flyers will be made up, which will include dates, times, location, and a summary of the topics that will be covered. These flyers will be placed in the tenant's mailboxes. With the counselors and therapists speaking about the program, the hope is that the clients have the motivation to be financially literate. Using Maslow basic hierarchy of human needs, we want clients to be interested in improving their lives, or increasing their self-esteem (Sevier, 2003). Whatever the reason, we want to make sure the woman get what they need.
Directly putting the flyers in their mailboxes would almost guarantee that the clients get the information. Adding to that will be posters placed in strategic areas as well as promoting through email. The cost for this promotion is minimal. The cost will be at a minimal of $50.00. The strategy for this marketing this program is to not spend a lot of money to promote the program. The most important thing is to make sure all of the clients are informed about the program and see the importance of participating in the program.

Program Delivery Plan A good delivery plan is essential because the clients are so diverse. Three different formats will be used. The formats will be English-speaking classroom, Spanish-speaking classroom, and an online format. The reason for offering three formats is because we want to make sure every client has the opportunity to gain this information regardless of their situation. It also shows the clients that we care about their healing process. According to Caffarella and Daffron, dates and locations that are chosen should follow previous programs that were executed (2014). Traditionally, programs are held during the week on Wednesday or Thursday. The day chosen will be Thursday since that is the day of the community meeting. The clients meet once a month, so the clients already have that day set for the meeting. So that would affect anyone’s schedule. The time would be from 6pm – 7:30pm. The program will be held in our life skills area. This area is located on the first floor of the apartment building where the residents reside. This will ensure that there are no issues regarding transportation. There is a children’s group that is ran at the same time, so childcare will be taken care of as well. This minimizes costs tremendously because we won’t have to pay for a facility. Fortunately, our life skills area was just renovated pro bono by an interior design firm. They painted the area in warm and inviting tones, provided 4 computer terminals, and other office furniture to make to more conducive for learning. So this will be the first program that will utilize the renovated space. We hope the area will be a good atmosphere for the women to be able to learn and grasp the information. The classroom delivery, in both English and Spanish, will consist of the women meeting face to face. The facilitator will conduct the class focusing on one module per month. The women will have manuals with activities that would need to be