Essay on Stakeholder Analysis

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Green: Supporters
Orange: Neutral
Red: Blockers

Attitude Towards

Project Goals
Business Analysis
As the project sponsor, Margaret will have the final decisions on the project. She also has influence on her direct reports (Matthew and Gregg). Based on the meeting, Margaret has a huge influence on Gregg, in terms of directions.
Margaret is supporting the idea of the project, as presented by Matthew. It will be her responsibility that the project will meet the needs, and therefore bring benefits to the company.
As project sponsor, she will only need to track the progress of the project on a high-level, and sign-off on documents. She will be required on decisions as well as making sure that the solution (online course) will meet the needs (defined by Gregg’s team) and possibly by other divisions.

Margaret is part of the team, but might have only little interaction through the course of the project.
Matthew is recently hired, and may have little influence on the team yet.
As the Project Manager, it is his responsibility that the team commit to the project, and the overall project success.
This project is Matthew’s idea. Reaching these goals will be Matthew’s job as the project manager.
Matthew will have to work with the BA closely in terms of project schedules and resources. Matthew will also be a great resource in the course development as he is also the Curriculum Manager.
As this is Matthew’s first project with the team, it may require extra effort to have a smooth collaboration.
Matthew reports to the sponsor, and has been hired primarily to improve the curriculum for the trainings
Matthew is willing to collaborate with the ‘customers’ in order to determine the actual need for the business
Robert will play a vital role in the team as Implementation SME with his expertise. Also, as the only team member from the Zapzip department, he may give more insight from his department’s perspective.
Robert might be able to develop courses based on his expertise on Scooter Safety, but might not be the best way to present it as he doesn’t have the skill to build structured courses. His expertise will be the major content of the courses.
As an Implementation SME, Robert will have to work with the Analysis to identify the gaps with the current courses. He will be a main resource person, as the project is about Scooter Safety.
Being with the company for 10 years, Robert have great experience in collaborating with different teams.
No displayed negative attitude towards the sponsor.
After the BA’s explanation on how Gregg and Jimmy will be the ‘customers’ for the project, Robert showed enthusiasm on the project. He agreed to work with Jennifer to develop the sketches that she drafted on.
Jennifer’s enthusiasm have been a good starting point for the team members of the project, with the initiative of starting sketches for the online course. Her previous exposure in the training department will add value to her role as Implementation SME
As a course developer, her participation to the project will be important in order to deliver better training modules to be used by the trainers and ultimately benefit the trainees.
She is skeptical on the value of the BA at first, but when presented with a point of view regarding the problem at hand, it changes the perspective and is now willing to towards the goal of the project.
Jenny was part of the training department before and has previous experience collaborating with the trainers. This may make collaborating with them easier.
Jenny might not like the project sponsor, but that shouldn’t impact her performance for the project
Her initiative to collaborate with Jimmy and Robert can prove that she is a team player and is willing to work with her colleagues, even though there has been an assumption of (curriculum department vs training department)
Gregg and his team will