Essay on Court Systems

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Courts in America v. Melissa Church. This country has to individual courts the state and federal. The federal court is the biggest court and hears matters that are involved in the federal level like bank robberies or any crimes at government buildings, with exceptions,There is a court systems for all of the 50 states. How does the US court system compare to other systems? The American court process is look as a great aspect of the criminal justice system. Many other areas in the world and there government look at are justice system and model there own judicial system after it.We do have to look at the similarities and differences between the each country,here are some things to look at closer. Japan is one that took their system and made it like the United States,also Mexico is also similar to Ares as well. Now England has some of the same traits but the one difference they do not have a court that can look at laws and say they are a violation of one rights or unconstitutional,as we have the Supreme Court. One thing that that we do have and is the thing that stands out is the rights t that we give to people that are accused of crimes. Miranda rights in the United States and what those…