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Jakob Essenberg
Mrs. Spanos
AP Lit Who’s More Insane?

In the stories “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte and “the Cask of Amontillado“ by Edgar Allan Poe there are lots of ideas of insanity between the characters Heathcliff and Montresor. In these stories these characters are betrayed to be insane which I disagree with. I don’t believe that Montresor is insane as much as just pure evil and I don’t think Heathcliff is insane he’s more of a winey sociopath. These two characters are considered insane which I disagree with because they aren’t completely insane they’re just different and seen as insane just because they don’t react to their situations in a normal way. The definition of insanity is the state of being mentally ill; madness, this definition doesn’t really fit with either of these characters. These characters aren’t insane they have different ideas of dealing with life and are thrown these intense situations.

In the story “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte the character Heathcliff is seen as mentally insane which I completely disagree with. Heathcliff isn’t insane he’s a winey, annoying, clueless, sociopath. Heathcliff is so clueless that when he hears the crying of Mr. Lockwood out of Catherine’s old room he assumes that its Catherine’s ghost but all he finds out is that it’s Mr. Lockwood he kicks him out and opens up the window calling out for his sweet Catherine and when he get no response he goes deeper into the darkness that he pushed himself into. This example taken from the novel shows that he’s not crazy he’s just upset and winey, he’s has and understanding of what going on in his brain. He’s hasn’t lost his sanity completely it’s just snapping in half, he’s slowly going insane but he begins to get better. Heathcliff isn’t insane he’s just lost and upset, because at the beginning pf the novel he’s just kind of a jerk that hates the world and doesn’t see any good in anyone until he falls in love with Catherine. However when he finally meets something good for him she dies and he can’t handle that but no one could it doesn’t matter how strong you are if the one you loved died you would be completely broken and you’d wait until you or someone else picks up the pieces of you to get you back to your normal. Heathcliff isn’t insane he just makes poor decisions and reacts poorly to the situations that are handed to him. tely insane theyre just different and seen as insane just because they dont In Edgar Allan Poe’s story “the Cask of Amontillado” the character Montresor is perceived as insane however I don’t believe he is