Compatibility Of Creation Science And The Theory Of Evolution

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1. Compatibility of Creation Science and the Theory of Evolution

2. In the twentieth century, many discoveries were made regarding the theory of evolution, more specifically about the evolution of the universe and life. These discoveries were thought to be opposite to what the Christian Bible teaches. However, many religious and scientific professionals wonder if their respective fields are as opposing as they previously supposed.

3. The Bible and the scientific discoveries regarding the theory of evolution are very similar.

4. Evolution of the universe
A) Before the big bang, everything was simply emptiness. In the Bible, it explains that before God created light on the first day, there was only nothingness and pure darkness.
B) The chronological order of events in the Bible and in the evolution of the universe is the same.
C) Luke 17 : 34-36 refers to Man working during the day at the same time as others sleeping during nighttime, which would represent how the Earth revolves, split between day and night.
Evolution of the living
D) To begin, God created living species in the ocean, like where the first form of life was found.
E) In Genesis, God created Man (Adam) using the soil of the earth. Researched has taught us that the human body is made of 22 base elements, all of which are found in the ground.

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