Creativity and Applicable Experience Essay

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HR Objectives:
Promote the hiring of innovative employees.
Encourage the hiring of employees that are able to generate creative solutions for expansion and new entry into new markets.
In order to best achieve the HR objectives listed above, we believe that creating a job-based Internal Structure will most effectively help evaluate jobs and create a manageable and accurate pay structure and pay system. Our recommended job structure will be fairly tailored. It will feature four specific job categories: professional, software, administration, and support. Within these job families there will be five compensable factors: impact of decisions, innovation, education or experience, and competencies. Finally, we will take into consideration the importance of each compensable factor and weight each factor according to importance within each job family. We will be utilizing a point system to evaluate each job and then use the point evaluations to create a career path for each of the four job families.

Job Families

Impact of Decision
This factor measures the degree to which the job’s decisions impact the outcome of the organization.
This factor measures the extent to which the job demands resourcefulness, creativity, ingenuity, and inventiveness. This factor considers the degree of original thinking required to organize or develop new or improved methods, ideas, strategies, procedures or techniques.
Leadership Responsibility
This factor measures the job’s leadership responsibility. It appraises the extent of responsibility for the organization, selection, assignment, guidance and review of other staff. It also addresses project assignment responsibilities and the guidance or direction given in a professional capacity which ensures the maintenance of satisfactory human relations and/ or productive atmosphere
This factor measures the education level and or work experience that is needed in order to perform this job.
This factor measures the core competencies that are needed to perform this job. It determines the levels of technological, communicatory, leadership, managerial skills that are needed to properly perform the duties of this job.

Compensable Factor Scaling
Impact of Decisions:
Low level decision making. Performs tasks and duties under direct supervision. Limited opportunity for exercising independent judgment and decision making.
Mid-level decision making responsibility and opportunity. Occasional independent judgment is required to complete work assignments.
High levels of decision making directly impacting the actions and responsibilities of others. A various number of resources (human capital/capital) rely on the decision making of this individual. Many short come outcomes are directly influenced by this individual.
Daily business/technical functions are directly linked to the individuals’ actions, performance, and direction. Long term outcomes are impacted directly by this person.

Education and or Experience:
High School diploma or an equivalent education certification OR 0 to 1 years of applicable experience or on job training. Little to no directly correlated experiences.
Some college or an Associate Degree OR 1-2 years of applicable experience or on job training. Some directly