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Assignment Brief Assignment Title: | Investigating a Crime Issue | Unit: | 34: Criminal Psychology | Assignment Number: | 3 | Tutor: | Antonia Cartwright | Date Set: | Tues 07/11/12 | Verifier: | Barry Pritchett | Date Due: | Tues 04/12/12 |

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Assignment Submission Instructions: * -------------------------------------------------
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Paste your work into this document underneath the marking page. * -------------------------------------------------
Check that you have covered all relevant criteria and that each section has a title. * -------------------------------------------------
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Key terms:
Describe = Give a clear description that includes all the relevant features - think of it as ‘painting a picture with words’.
Explain = Set out in detail the meaning of something, with reasons. More difficult than describe or list, so it can help to give an example to show what you mean. Start by introducing the topic then give the ‘how’ or ‘why’.
Identify = Point out or choose the right one or give a list of the main features.
Illustrate = Include examples or a diagram to show what you mean.
Relate = Discuss something in such a way as to illustrate its connections with something else.
Analyse = Identify separate factors, say how they are related and how each one contributes to the topic.
Demonstrate = Provide several relevant examples or related evidence which clearly support the arguments you are making. This may include showing practical skills.
Justify = Give reasons or evidence to support your opinion or view to show how you arrived at these conclusions.

Scenario: You are a Criminal Psychologist working in a leading UK Research Department. You are conducting research into a crime issue and your findings will be presented at an academic conference.

Pass Criteria Task number and title: | 1- Conduct a Psychological Study (to include written plan and write-up). | Assessment Criteria: | P2 – Explain how the results of the psychological study contribute to the understanding of a crime issue.P3 – Carry out a psychological study into a crime issue.P4 – Report on a psychological study into a crime issue. | Task: | 1. Plan and design a study into a crime issue, covering the following: * Aim, Hypothesis, Research Methods (e.g. Experiment, Survey, Interview, Observation, Case study), * Variables (i.e. Independent, dependent, confounding), * Ethical Issues. 2. Carry out your study. 3. Write up your study to include: * Introduction * Procedures * Results (e.g. tables, charts, statistical analysis, interpretation). * Conclusion | Guidance: | Ideas: Experiment to show males and females a short video of a crime and then test their recall abilities. Questionnaire to assess opinions of police. Write