Essay On Cyber Crime

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Cyber Crime Without Borders
Currently in Malaysia cyber crime is one of the most cases that has been reported. Because of this crime, Malaysia loss of RM1 billion. Apart from that, Malaysia also has been listed as 6 countries that vulnerable to cyber crime. This is very serious issue and if we don’t take the right action towards it, maybe in the future it will become worse. Besides, we can see from year to year the statistic of this crime is rapidly increased. So what is the cyber crime actually? Cyber crime is any illegal activity that uses a computer as its primary means of commission. The example of cyber crime are hacking, cyber bullying, theft, cyber stalking, phishing, identity theft, malicious software, child soliciting and abuse. This cyber crime start popular when
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Today cyber crime have become a real threat and quite different from old school crime such as robbing, mugging and stealing because they are using their expertise to steal, exploit and deceive people as they find it easy to earn …show more content…
Person that should this this issue seriously is the end user of the internet and electronic devices. They should know what they can do what they can’t do on the social networks. Besides that, end user should make sure that every device that they use to surf internet have Anti-Virus software and firewall to protect their devices. There is no use if the government and responsible agencies only that take it seriously but actually the end user must have awareness towards this issue. Government sector and responsible agencies for sure must do their role massively to reduce this cyber crime in Malaysia. The most important thing is they must do their role to control and monitor communications and multimedia activities. Other than that, this responsible agencies also must do a programme such as campaign to educate and give more information about this cyber crime to the end