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Men’s Health Care
Targeted Market
James Swift
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Many companies strive to deliver a superlative product to consumers. Having a quality product is important, but many other factors are essential to ensure maximum profitability. Marketing through appeal and pinpointing a target market is crucial. In addition, clearly defining demographics for the product launch is will put the products in the hands of the intended consumer. These factors are essential in marketing the product properly. Throughout this paper, you will discover how I incorporated each of those elements into my marketing plan and came up with an effective strategy. Creating a marketing plan can be challenging. This process is essential for product success and sustainability. Appealing to a target market will be the first step in the launch of our men’s health care product. Based on the age group and gender, along with other factors, we are going to use sex appeal in our advertising campaign. As the market manager, I have used many avenues in the decision of appeal. Besides sexual appeal, humor and rational appeal were considered. Sex appeal was decided upon based on several factors. Unlike women, statistics show that men of all ages purchase products when advertised with sex appeal and remain loyal to the brand when satisfied. Men tend to be drawn to advertisements that are seductive and send the message that if the product is used, they will receive female attention. Humor and rational appeal were considered based on logic. Because it is a personal care line, rational appeal would be acceptable based on the need for the product. Humor, although appealing to this age group, could be misconstrued as a gimmick product and be discounted before it was established. For these reasons, sex appeal was the unanimous decision for our men’s health care line.
Cultural Markets
The men’s healthcare products being launched are necessities and can be driven to many cultural markets. We are offering high quality products at a low price point to make our product affordable for low to middle class groups. Products are being sold in packages and can be purchased through many stores. Target will be our partner in this launch. They will be accepting our full line of products in bundles, as well as individually sold items. Because this is a package based product, Target will be the only retailer carrying individually sold products.
Being a partner, target has accepted the product at a shelf price of $45 for the entire product line. Individually sold items will be priced separately and at a higher cost than the package line. Our bundle will include men’s deodorant, powder, cologne, two deluxe razors as well as aftershave and a bottle of body wash and shampoo combination. These are products made right here in the United States and are of quality all natural ingredients.
Our products will appeal to many cultures. Through studies we have narrowed our marketing to a select group of consumers. Our product will be in Walmart, Kroger, Vons, and Target stores. Drugstores carrying our line include Rite-Aid, CVS and Thrifty Drug.
Consumer studies
Based on cumulative information through market research, men between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five are the most likely to purchase our product. Cultural groups of men shopping in these stores for similar products have been primarily Hispanic, White and Asian between these ages. Based on this information as well as group studies, we will be focusing our advertising on these men.
Along with the specific groups targeted, many microcultures will have in interest in our products. Microcultures make up a small percent of the population of men shopping for similar products in these stores. Throughout our advertising campaign, we will keep in mind the need for this product and