Criminal Demands Essay

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Criminal Demands The majority of crime in America is seen from a victim’s point of view. Some argue that crime is merely an expression of what society pressures result in. Of course crime rates have always been attributed to poverty. From a psychological stand point the necessity to acquire the most basic of things, particularly food and shelter, will be sought after with the most extreme lengths. The age old question of “would you steal bread to feed your family?” is answer with a ready yes according to crime rates in the United States. The book Social Problems by D. Stanley Eitzen, Maxine Baca Zinn, and Kelly Eitzen Smith says that, “Criminologists are in general agreement that the extraordinarily high rate of violent crime in the United States is the result of the confluence of at least four major forces.” There is a correlation of crime rate to countries that have the greatest margin between the rich and the poor. The shear uncertainty in such a society leads to higher frequency of violent crimes. As mentioned before crime is often couple with the poor. Because of this it is said that the larger population of poor people the likely crime will commence. Another reason for high crime rate in the United States is due to the lack of social welfare for those in need. Though the country is seen as a very charitable one, social programs for the poor lack any certainty. There seems to be a pattern among these reasons and this that they all lead people to ends that make extreme outcomes the only escape. Money is the primary motivation beyond violent crime. Without money comes a tendency for human nature to sink to a much more primal and rudimentary level.
Violent crimes in America leave more people dead as opposed to the like in other countries. The availability of guns in the United States is thought to be a major cause for the hiked crime rates. The correlation is really simple. The more killing machines around, the more likely they’ll be used. A less discussed component that contributes to crime is the glorification of criminal activity in the media. From movies, music, and video games one can easily see that American entertainment may be responsible for desensitizing a nation of violence and crime. Most modern hip hop artists are bent on pointing out the fact that violence through an impoverished childhood made them the greatness they are now. Such ideas are pressed on the masses that experience the same lifestyle and cause a trend that makes crime and violence fashionable. Over the years TV has gotten more and more leant with amount of mature content shown. This is not as much a problem as the regulation of the mature content. Extreme degrees of regulation need to take place if the crime rate is to drop. A major problem is that mature content seen by children goes unnoticed by parents. Regulations on TV besides parental guides need to limit the content shown. On the subject of children and