Criminal Justice Research Paper

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Kindness believes that justice is not fair in today’s world. She believes that people should be punished for their wrongdoing actions. Kindness thinks that what causes people to end up in jail or do bad crimes, is the way they grew up or was brought up. For example: children who have been in foster care all there life will most likely not try and strive for something in life. Other things can include: death of a family member, hanging out with the wrong crowd, abusing substances like drugs, having anger issues (bipolar), and etc.. They will most likely become failures. They do bad crimes such as: robbing/stealing, killing, getting involved in gangs, starting to sell and abuse drugs, and etc.. Kindness is not saying that every person who …show more content…
She knows that there are people who are doing their best in jails and prisons, so that they can get out faster. Even though people are put in jail/prison to pay for their mistakes and to be punished, hoping that they will learn their lesson, there are still bad things happening there. Somehow, some way, people are getting killed, doing drugs, starting gangs, and etc. in jails/prisons. There is always a way for bad things to happen. There are two main types of people in jail. There are the ones who just sit around all day doing nothing. These people are usually the ones who start fights in jail/prison and start conflict. There are those who try to do everything they can to make time go by faster. This can include: helping out in the kitchen, cleaning, picking up trash off the highways, and etc.. One would think that because of people serving a long amount of time, that they would really change their ways for the better and have a new, fresh start to life. That is not how it always goes though. They say there going to change and not make a mistake. Where do most of them end back up