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Everyone has notions of who criminals are and what they might be like. To this end, please take a look at the Chapter Two pre-assessment (located with your Chapter Two outline) and see what your beliefs are about those that commit crime. After reading Chapter two, please go back to the assessment and see areas in which the data within Chapter two either supported your existing thoughts or actually indicated that what you'd thought was erroneous. If you've already read chapter two then just pretends that you haven't yet and look at the assessment as though you don't already know all the answers - what had been your initial thoughts before reading the chapter?

For this post please share with the class areas in which you were surprised to learn about or which conflicted most with the beliefs you held prior to reading the chapter. Your post should be at least one good paragraph long (7-10 sentences).

This Post/Reply sequence also involves two response posts to the threads posted by your peers.

Please remember to add an INTERESTING subject line to your thread. Don't just put Question 2. That is SO boring - let’s liven things up a bit. Also, I again strongly encourage you to keep the conversation going. Respond to those that respond to you...

Good evening to my fellow classmates,

I completed the pre-assessment for chapter two, and with my opinions (check marks); I felt for the most part my educated guesses were quite accurate. However, I was quite shocked by how much detail was described of each category, more than expected, and by my surprise, some of my findings were actually wrong. When I answered the question “over the past 10 years the crime rate has been steadily increasing, I put that I felt that was wrong, which is good cause the chapter states it has slowly decreased. My reasoning for answering this question as false was because I felt with all of