Criminology: Want and Field Identification Essay example

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In this case you would use the Field Identification procedure. So before proceeding you need to first get all three witness statements. The officer needs to make sure to ask very specific questions about the suspects for instance what was they wearing, their race, their hair color, height and weight, or any noticeable marks or tattoos. While doing this the officer needs to make sure he is questioning each one separately that way no one would be able to say one suspect was leading or coaching the other. When you go to court you want to make sure you have the best evidence possible so you need to take your time and do a thoural job this way and evidence in the case will not be able to be thrown out. You want to make sure to question them about the details of the offense and about the suspect and what they saw that way when you bring the suspect for identification there will be no question if it’s them or not.
The next thing the officer needs to do is talk to the owner of the liquor store and find out in more detail what happened. The officer also needs to ask the same questions he asked everyone else about the suspect. Since the owner would have had a better view of him he may be able to give the officer more detailed information. Once he is finished speaking with the owner he needs to look at the surveillance camera and try to see if he is able to make a clear view of what the suspects look like and have on. Also if they are on the camera and it is a clear view that is much better evidence then just