crimnal justice system Essay

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Criminal Justice System and Process
April 08, 2012
A. Michael De Franco

Criminal Justice System and Process In the criminal justice system there are two main components, which are State and Federal. Inside of the two main components there are five system components, Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Defense Attorneys, Courts and Corrections. Each of these components plays an important role in the process of criminal justice. Law Enforcement officers enforce laws, maintain order and gather all of the facts at a scene of a crime. They are more like the fact gathers who then give off their findings to the latter components. Prosecutors are attorneys who work for the state or federal government. They are the ones who try and prove why the suspect “did commit” the crime that they are suspected of. Defense attorneys represent the accused suspect, their whole job in this process is to try and prove the suspects innocence. Courts is the next component of the process, they are run by judge’s who oversee the court process. They are there to make sure that the law is followed. Lastly is the corrections department in the criminal justice system, which are run by correction officers, who supervise convicted criminals either in jail, prison, on parole or probation. The structure of our government relates to how the criminal justice system is set up because there are multiple offices’ that perform “checks and balances”. Each of the system components that I listed before are able to bring up areas that need to be corrected by another. Courts are just like the Executive Branch of the government, they are in charge. The…