Crisis And Conflict Analysis

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Crisis and Conflict; it’s something one can experience in their daily life, it comes without warning and shows what the person can change, which can be many aspects of their life, for example; Say one person, who will be called Jimmy, gets his arm stuck under a rock. Jimmy cries for help, and a friend hears him and remembers that Jimmy used to bully him. This friend says “Change your ways and I will help you” In this scenario, if Jimmy says “No I will not” This proves that the Crisis did not help Jimmy, but proved to his friend that Jimmy will not change whatsoever; but if Jimmy says “Yes, I am sorry for bullying you those times, I need help so badly right now! Please, just help me!” this would show that the crisis put Jimmy in the situation …show more content…
The stories that were used, Most Dangerous Game, in that story; Rainsford changed for worse, he killed General Zaroff, Rainsford became a beast, and Crisis caused this behavioral change; and in the story Thank You, Ma’am, The Boy, named Roger, changed for better, he learned his lesson, meaning he will not steal anymore, all thanks to Ms. Jones, who Roger tried to steal from, forgave him, helped him, and took care of him. Roger is a better person thanks to Crisis, but that’s only two ways that Crisis can be taken; In the story The Scarlet Ibis; The main Character, Called Brother, had his own brother killed, it is not known how this brother, named Doodle, died, but Brother was hit hard with this loss, but Crisis did not show whether it was for better or worse; It shows the true character of one, but the story ends after the death of Doodle, making it impossible to tell whether the Crisis was for better or for worse on Brother’s life style. Crisis’ effects depend on the person, it depends on their personality, if they aren’t a nice person, but they don’t show it, Crisis and Conflict will show it; And that is what Crisis and Conflict reveals about one’s