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Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is a very important tool to use in any situation that occurs in life, whether it is while you are at home, work, or out with friends and family. By using critical thinking one can have a better understanding of what outcomes certain decisions will have and how to make the best decision. This can definitely benefit everyone in their lives especially when it comes to work decisions. If the goal at work is to advance and work up the corporate ladder then critical thinking is a must.
Personal Experience
There are several different personal experiences I have had of using critical thinking in the work place and how it still today helps me progress. The one that sticks out in my mind the most is a problem that I was able to solve at my current job. I am now working at MINI of Murray as a Service Advisor and at the moment we have had tremendous growth which has made it so that we are under staffed for all of the work that we need to get done. Do to this the communication with our customers has suffered a bit since many of the service advisors do not feel like they have the time to call all of their customers and let them know what is going on in the shop. This in turn puts out bad surveys on the service advisor which affects their pay. Now when this problem came up for me the first thing I realized was that since I have so much work the most important thing I can do is manage my time properly so that I can fit everything into the day. To do so I wrote down everything that I would need to get done each day and took into account any problems that may arise such as cars not being finished on time. I then came up with the idea of setting up certain times each day that I would touch base with my customers and let them know the status on their cars. Then I started writing down any information that I knew I would have to use several times throughout the day. By doing this I did not have to waste time looking up the information every time I needed it. I then set up a plan on how I would react if a car was not finished on time and how to best approach the customer about it. By fully laying out a plan that I could follow day to day I now save a lot of time not having to decide what should be done next whenever I finish a task. Due to this I am able to get everything that I need done every day finished and can even help other advisors. I am now getting great surveys because I understood that even if when I call the custom at 11 a.m. and tell them that their car has gone into the shop yet they still appreciate the heads up so they know what is going on with their car. This is just a small example of how