A Brief Note On Sustainability

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‘Sustainability’ is critical to all aspects of society in the 21st century. Evaluate the concept of sustainability and impact that it is having on 21st century Stadium and Arena management practices.

This essay is going to talk about the issues of sustainability related to stadium and arena in 21st century. This essay will give the definition in different historic and contemporary concepts, then talks about the triple bottom line that how sustainability effect on people, profit and planet. At last this report will going to talk about the sustainability development in the future.

This paragraph is going to talk about the definition in different historic and introduce the triple bottom line. During the long course of age, human being
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(Berkhout, 2005)

This paragraph is going to talk about how sustainable stadium benefit on people. People start to consider that how stadium could benefit for the residents around. Firstly, let’s look at the Beijing Olympic Stadium. The Beijing Olympic has a good theme that is green Olympic. A generalized sense is achieved the sustainability in humanity and natural to keep a balance between them. Bird’s Nest is made of special steels which have advance technology on less weight but same quality. And the shape is like a nest which feed the sustainable development. The government also planning to create a new city centre on the Olympic Park that provides convenience for residents in Beijing. Because of this Olympic stadium, Beijing government improved Beijing’s bad traffic and underground. This stadium is with high technology and mixed-use. It emerged a new business centre. (Erten, 2011) Sustainability make stadium more competitive and also emerged a new way to manage stadium to make it more sustainable. It is a challenge but it also make people progress. However, because of Chinese government’s despotism, the Olympic stadium is not used as the government has guaranteed. The Olympic Stadium makes Beijing become better, but there are still a lot of