Cultural Experience at Workplace Essay

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Cultural Experience at Workplace
By Mana Mirsaidi

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction 2
2. Me and My Culture 3
3. My Workplace Culture 4
4. Cultural Issues 5
4.1. Communication 5
4.2. Negotiation 7
4.3. Decision Making 7
4.4. Other Issues 8
5. Conclusion 9
6. Refrences 10

1. Introduction
In today’s business environment and specially in Multinational Organizations, we have diversity of cultures and nationalities working together despite all cultural differences.
So it is necessary to know these differences when we are in the global age, to be more productive and avoide any conflicts with colleagues, top managers, people who you are managing, or clients.
In my paper, I will be discussing few cultural issues in my
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For example in a major issues such as working hours which is 2 hours extra per day (from 9am to 7 pm), and as we don’t have HR manager, none of the other managers want to discuss about this with CEO, because they feel it has a bad impression and when I ask my boss about the contract, working hours & many other issues, he uses his succinct style and has only few words to say! But usually when I insist to get more information about a certain task or issue, or as I’ve read in the Blog “Say No to the Boss”, we have conflicts which results in my Directs communication and finally I should leave his room because I don’t get my answers. My colleagues who are in the same rank of me, never deal the same with our boss, I think they are scared to lose their job or maybe they don’t have any better ideas to offer, and they accept whatever the boss says, right or wrong! but for me its important to have challenges and improve the current situation when I am responsible for something. The contextual style of communication is in any section of our company.
Another issue is the for example I start working there without any offer letter or agreement or any kind of contract! And when I asked for it, they postponed and still after nearly 10 months I am waiting for it!
Time in our company is Poly Chronic and there is deadline but its not really important and it can be changed any time based on the decision of the managers, these