Cultural Meanings of Dreams Essay

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Everyone seems to have their own meaning to their dreams. Some think that they are predicting the future. Others believe that symbols within dreams have certain meaning to what is going to happen or what has happened to them. I could go on and on about different meaning to dreams. I read the article “Dreams from Culture to Culture”. It talks about how different cultures view their own dreams. I thought that it was interesting in the United States that men are three times as likely to dream about murder than women, but in another culture women are twice as likely to dream about murder than men. Does that mean that the men in the United States could be crazy? That’s a lot to dream about murder. Maybe that is why more men go to jail for killing that women. That really amazed me. It would seem to me that women hold more grudges than men and would dream about wanting to kill something to get out their frustration, but I guess that is not the case. Another thing that caught my attention was the fact that people tend to dream about their geographic territory rather than places they have never been. I find that I have dreams about places I eventually want to go to. The article talked about the Eskom’s only dreaming about igloos and the cattle farmers only dreaming about farming. That in a way makes sense, but I find that people dream more about other places than the current place that they are living in. Your dreams should be of places that you want to see, but can’t get there in your life time. You spend all your hours that you are awake living here, why would you want to dream about it too? One…