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Guidelines for Project Report
IE 5620: Mass Customization
Note: Please submit this project at your blackboard page and do not send it via email. The document should be named according to the template "Firstname Lastname PR.ppt".

The term project of this course accounts for 20% of your grade. The following is the breakup of the project grade. Problem exploration/research Analysis and discussion Business plan Innovative/interesting ideas Data collection/conjoint analysis Project presentation Conformity to guidelines Technical writing 20% 20% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%

Each project team submits one project report. Your report should be as clear and precise as possible. Wherever possible, use tables, figures, charts, and other graphical illustrations to enhance the clarity of the presentation. There are no page limits on the report. Use 1 inch margins, 12 pt font size, Palatino Lintotype font, and one and half interline space. The original source of each and every concept and information that you included in the report must be referenced. You must cite the source of material taken from difference books, magazines and technical articles. List your references in MLA format. You references must have complete information in terms of authors, title, volume, year, and page numbers.

1. Cover Page (1 Page )
Create the proposal cover page (follow the format of the sample cover page provided).

2. Project Overview (1 Page)
This section should briefly description of the product, business model, enabling technologies, issues, and expected profits in not more than 1 page.

3. Product (1-4 Pages)
• • • What is your product? What are the non-customizable product attributes? What are the customizable product attributes?

What are the design features that make the product customizable? Who are the potential customers of your product? Do customers really want the product? Do similar mass-customized products exist? What is the price range of the product? What is the price range of comparable mass produced products? How well your product satisfies customer needs and preferences? What is the agility of your production system with respect customer needs and preferences? What do you elicit from the customer? What are the elicitation mechanisms? What technologies can make elicitation easy? What are the processes that are used for producing the product? How flexible are the production processes? What technologies can make your production processes flexible? What is the expected production cost per piece? What is the manufacturing lead time? What is production rate? What is the work-in-process? How do you attach customer identity to his/her order? How do you deliver the product to the customer? How long does a customer need to wait to receive the product? What technological solutions exist for addressing logistics? How does the product help your profitability? Does it reduce work-in-process? Does it reduce inventory? Does it command higher price? Does it help you compete better? How else does it contribute to your profitability?

4. Demand (1-4 Pages)
• • • • •

5. Customers Satisfaction (1-4 Pages)
• •

6. Elicitation (1-4 Pages)
• • •