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Define the self-concept. Next, discuss and describe the dimensions that can be used to describe the attributes of the self-concept. The self –Concept means the experience of one’s own existence. It includes experience, reflection and feedback from other person in order to understand what is their own value. The self-concept is an organic cognitive structure, composed of emotions, beliefs, attitudes, and value, it goes through the whole experience and action, also organize the specific habits, ability, ideas and view what person show to the other people. The self-concept includes reflecting evaluation, social comparison and feels. The reflecting evaluation means people get feedback information form other people. For example: when people was young if he get positive comments form other people than he will get a good self-concept, but if the comments was negative, the self-concept will be worse. We can find that when we are kids, if the teacher said you can do it very will, the student will try his best to be good one. But if the teacher said you was a loser, you could not get any improvement, the student will feel so bad and lose confidence to be good one, he will think about that I was not good, so there was nothing wrong about my lazy. Social comparison means when people in daily life, they always comparison themselves to others to make what level they were staying in. For example: when we get point after one exam, the first things that we do were asking other people how much that they get from the exam, than compared to make sure what we are in the class, when people grow up they went into social they will compare themselves with other people, like other people live better than me, other people’s children more clever than theirs, and something else. The Feeling, when people was young, the understanding of themselves almost come from the other people’s reactions to you. However, in some point in the life, the people begin to look into themselves through their own way, to think about themselves in their own way means self feeling. For example when you repair your computer by yourself, and successfully did it, you will feel very well and think about that I can do everything by myself, that means feeling.
Explain the Freudian system of personality as it might apply to the behavior of different consumers. Freudian system of personality includes three parts: id, ego, and superego. The id was the most primitive part in the system of personality. It was stay inside people’s mind when they were born. The compositions of id were basic human needs, such as hunger, thirst and sex. The id came from the individual requirement. The individual requirement must be immediately satisfied. For example when the baby hungry, it must be nursing immediately, and never consider whether mother busy or not. In consumer behavior, the id was shows out like when people hungry they will find the nearest and most delicious restaurant, as the result of that the restaurant’s location and kind of food was the most important thing should be verified first. The ego came out after people born, develop from id in the real environment, the id has many various requirement, by this if the requirement can’t be satisfied immediately from the real environment, the people must accommodate realistic limit, and learn about how to get needs in reality. For example, when I want to buy a new computer, I really like the new Mac pro, but the price was too high to buy it, I don’t have enough money, so that I buy Mac air, that was how ego get out. The superego was standing on the top level of human control system in personality structure. It is due to the individual was living in the social. It accepts the social culture and ethics education. The superego has two important parts. One is the ego ideal, that means the person behavior standards should be accord with the personal ideal; second is conscience, it regulate people’s