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Essay on Three inherited Behaviors of E-tailing Communication 470 Michael Zarvos September, 5, 2012 By: Aisha Syed

E-commerce or Electronic Commerce has become a part of our everyday lives. The growth of World Wide Web is growing, more and more each day. Businesses practically live on the web. E-commerce growth has provided consumers with many different retail choices making the lives easier for the online community. Although, this makes things easier for consumers who shop online, most of these companies have chosen
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Using the communication model, the sender begins to search the Internet looking for a product. The Internet returns the information with advertisements and pricing, and the feedback is given while directing the sender to the specific area. This medium enables e-commerce by linking prospective consumers to specific websites to find more information about the products and services.
Second behavior in the consumer model, is the phase or step of purchase. The purchase is highly influenced by the e-tailer by offering free shipping, convenience of secure online payments and price comparisons. The e-tailer strategies are widespread in a particular area or are predominant also very powerful in this phase. Some e- tailer’s will offer sample or different paths services for a short period. Others interact and try to get involved with the customers to make recommendations, referrals or suggestions on a specific product (Lindstrom, 2001).Most of the online businesses may offer a live chat person you actually can chat with for services to better accommodate the customers to help the customers feel comfortable, safe with the purchase. The communication medium used at this phase may differ. The e-tailer can offer the customer a variety of options at this point, which include warranty purchases or express shipping. The communication process is reversed, and the e-tailer provides the customer with the purchasing power and suggestions and many customer service advantages. The