Customer Retention Strategies Of City Car

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Research Project Proposal
An investigation into the Customer retention strategies of City cars

Draft ideas
To explain the customer retention strategies that city cars adopt and make recommendations for improvement.
I. To identify city cars customers retentions strategies.
II. Evaluate the effectiveness of customer retention?
III. Make recommendation for improvement on their retention strategies?

Rationale Write a Brief background of city cars
The company is performing very well in terms of customer base. However, it is intriguing that its does not operate from a physical office. The research is therefore very enthusing to understanding the strategies. That the company is using despite the absence of an office, in maintaining a large customer base The issue which is concerning is how city cars operate without an office, such as with out an office it will be hard to deal with the cars an many other issue they will be limited to solving issues with there clients, such as how will they know if their car is left in good conditions how they are retain the customers needs, also how they have become a successful car hire company with out an office.

How do city cars retain their customers which strategies they use such as these things can be affected by many different influences such as external influences which can be the economy, the city cars organisation influence such as the company and customer policy they have based with in the organisation, also the individual characteristic of an customer.

Customer retention can be achieved by many different strategies. Some may say the effective way of retaining customers, such as by sending out constant promotions showing the customers what they have on offer for them. Others may argue that the best way of retaining customers is by calling them seeing how they are with the service if they are happy this can be provided by a questionnaire.

This research will focus on how city cars operate with out and office and how they retain customers which…