Customer Service: Interview Essay

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A bit about yourself?
I am a self-motivated, confident and hardworking individual who enjoys working with a team or independently using my own initiative. I am enthusiastic about learning new skills and building on current ones. I am trustworthy, punctual and committed to anything I love doing.

Why do you want to work for us?
I want to work at Primark because I want to use my skills to contribute to the efficiency and quality that defines Primark.
I also like interacting with people, and I enjoy serving others and making them happy.
I also like to be kept busy with always having something to do and I know Primark is busy store.
I also enjoy working in an environment when I can work in a team with others around me where were all supporting each other. I also think this company would fully enhance my professional career growth too.

Why do you think you are suitable for this job?
I am a person, who is looking forward to working in a busy and effective environment,
I am a very fast, hardworking and flexible worker. I have learned during my previous to be able get along with any type of environment and the team members. I believe with my dynamic personality i could provide a very best service to you with all my dedication.

What is good customer service?
Customers expect me to have broad knowledge about the product I am selling so I make sure I give them all information they need to know. Customer service as a customer would mean that you would like the member of staff to be knowledgeable on products, friendly and helpful and if they are unable to deal with the query/complaint then find someone who can help.

Working in a team?
In a team situation, I like…