Dance: Dance and Showcase Essay

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CLS 101.1 12 March 2013

Statement of purpose: Convocation Reflection # 3

Pauline Rodger School of Dance at the Mishler Theatre

Showcase 2013

March 1st I attended the Pauline Rodgers School of Dance Showcase at the Mishler

Theatre. The dancers featured were of various age groups. The showcase lasted nearly two

hours and gave me an opportunity to observe the great talent these students have and all the

preparation that it takes to make this happen.

I feel this showcase was well organized and provides our area youth, teenage and adults

meaningful artistic value. It shows their great athletic ability as well. I learned how disciplined

these dancers must be when doing holds, poses, and footwork. All of the dancers used different

costumes, stage props and routines throughout the showcase. They also offered a wide variety of

music in each routine. This was new to me since the only dancers I’ve seen at the Mishler before

kept the same costumes and similar music throughout. The shows I attended before were

seasonal or holiday.

I feel this showcase was more than just dancing. It was individual creativity combined

with teamwork. I came away with the idea that combining different arts together can lead to

greater creativity. It shows you that the making of art is no different than prayer itself. I would

highly recommend that anyone regardless of age attend a showcase similar to this for the