Data Are Raw Facts That Has Meaning

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Chapter 1
1 A. Data = raw fact (pg. 5)
B. Field = a character or group of characters that defines a characteristic of a person, place, or thing. (pg. 660)
C. Record = a collection of related fields (pg. 666)
D. File = a named collection of related record (pg. 660)
2. Data redundancy is when the same data are stored unnecessarily at different places. Spreadsheets /islands of information lead up to the date redundancy. (pg. 16)
3. Data independence is when it is possible to make changes in the data storage characteristics without affecting the application program’s ability to access the data. It standalone data so it doesn’t need to be link with anything. (pg. 15)
4. DBMS is a collection of programs that manages the
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(pg. 32)
3. a noun in a business rule will translate into an entity in the model, and a verb associating nouns will translate into a relationship among the entities.
4. DML and DLL emerged to standardize the basic data model. It allowed for the conception of the schema and subschema. (pg. 36)
5. Basic features use an analogy, the relational model produced an automatic transmission database to replace the standard transmission databases that preceded. (pg 36) The importance of the relational data model was essentially that its simplicity set the stage for genuine database revolution. (Wiki)
6. The ER model helped produce a more structured relational database design environment. It allowed designers to see entities and their relationships and pictured. (pg. 38)
7. One to many relationship (pg. 32)
8. an object is described by its factual content. An object includes information about relationships between the facts within the object. As well as information about its relationship with other objects (pg. 41)
9. OODM, the object contains both data and their relationships, but a class is a group of objects that share similar objects with shared structure (attributes) and behavior (methods). (pg. 40-41)
10. Customer ----------= payment
11. ERDM adds many of the OO model’s features within the inherently simpler relational database structure. It gave birth to a new generation