Essay David: Lifelong Learning

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1.3 Evaluate own role and responsibilities in lifelong learning
1.4 Review own role and responsibilities in identifying and meeting the need of learners.
My role as tutor in lifelong learning is to teach my courses, in a way that engages my learners, to give them each the best possible chance of developing their skills, I tend to use the Teaching and learning cycle, which enables me to have a plan on how to conduct a lesson, and tailor it to individuals needs.
Rogers (1983) and others developed the theory of facilitative learning. This is based upon a belief that people have a natural eagerness to learn and that learning involves changing your own concept of yourself. This theory suggests that learning will take place if the person delivering it acts as a facilitator. They should establish an atmosphere in which their students feel comfortable and able to discuss new ideas, if they are not threatened by external factors.
I identify their needs in their initial assessment which is done by numeracy and literacy tests, and also by getting each individual to complete an individual learning plan. (“ILP”) This is where I can spend time on a one to one basis and ask questions about any potential learning difficulties, areas of development and social behaviours. This is when I set out goal and expectations of learners. I also test each individual on their particular learning style, this is done using a hand out which measures the way in which they prefer to learn or absorb information.
Based on the information collated I can then plan how I need to teach the course utilising the three methods of learning, visual, auditory, kinaesthetic. I feel that each course should