David Suzuki Essay

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David Suzuki
Challenge means ‘A task or situation that tests someone's abilities’ (Google Dictionary) and David Suzuki has experienced such tests many times in his life. David was born in Vancouver on the 24th of March 1936. He is a third generation Canadian. His grandparents were from Japan and his many life challenges were due to his nationality because of the attack in Pearl Harbour brought upon by Japan. Because of David’s nationality, he, his parents and his three sisters were taken to an internment camp where is troubles began. But despite all of his troubles David went on to become the “greatest living Canadian” (National Review of Medicine, 2008).

David Suzuki has been a very successful environmentalist
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Suzuki has also inspired many people to believe that even if your past is against you it doesn’t mean that your future is.

Ever since David Suzuki was young he had an interest in animals. This interest was nurtured when he was sent into the mountains of Canada in the Slocan Valley after he and his family were taken to an internment camp due to Japan attacking Pearl Harbour. Because he was kept in the camp he lost much of his schooling and experienced and still experiences racial discrimination but because of his strong beliefs and determination he has become the “greatest living Canadian” (National Review of Medicine, 2008).

Over the next few years I hope to use David Suzuki as an inspiration and, with determination, reach my high goal of receiving an OP1 at my graduation to then study and follow my childhood dream of becoming an equine surgeon. The example of his personal determination and motivation will, in turn, help me to push through the pressure and stress of the work to come in the next four years of my education. He has taught me to look up at the path ahead of me and not at the ground below.


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