Essay on Climate Change

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Climate Change
Greenhouse effect have devastating impact on our environment due to the increasing temperature and the increasing of sea levels which mainly contribute to nature’s crisis, such as floods and droughts. That is to say that global warming is man made because of the burning of fossil fuels and cutting down trees, forests and different farming and manufacturing processes (Slaght, J. et al, 190). In addition, both governments and community have an extremely an important responsibility towards our planet. However, this essay will demonstrate human influences on climate change and it will identify the main role of human activities in reducing this matter.

Climate change held a lot of significant deterioration environments problems which certainly and deadly affect many parts of the world, for example what did happen in New York City in the United States last October, 2012 was unpredictable situation, Sandy hurricane, one of the dangerous events that greenhouse effect has brought to the residents of New York City. Many families evacuated their homes, the transport system shut down (Hyas, 2012). Sandy Storm may be warning sign that alter the world to maintain their only home which is Earth.

Regarding to the negative influence of human activity on the ecosystem, the individuals must change their way of life, by using sustainable sources of energy instead of fossil fuels that pollute our atmosphere as well as the biodiversity.
We can see that human factors have resulted in increasing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and other polluting gases in the atmosphere (Slaght, J. et al., 190).

The traditional sources like oil, coal and natural gas are very essential in many industrial practices, factories and other productions where the process of burning carbon dioxide is made (Slaght, J. et al., 190). Moreover, The over reliance on private vehicles also lead to increase a number of greenhouse gases because of the car exhaust that trapped the temperature in the climate which unfortunately make the world warm. The minor activity of people may lead to major and harmful results like, turn on the light for long time, using private cars daily instead of walking, disposed the garbage instead of recycling.

Due to the impact of carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases on the atmosphere, authorities need to take serious actions to address this issue. There are several alternative sources that can be used in transportation and industry, like solar, wind, wave and hydro power, because they are non-polluting and renewable sources that can be used many times without causing problems to the ecosystem.
For instance, in Canada, the Canadian government sponsored “The Canadian Climate Impacts and adaption Research” to maximize their knowledge of global warming issue and to adjust the effects of global warming. The expenses on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Research have rose substantially in 2006 (Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1
Source(s): Natural Resources Canada, 2006, "Climate Change Impacts & Adaptation Program (CCIAP) Evaluation (E05023)",