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May 3, 2012 Abortions

Abortion is something that’s very big in this country and for the most wrong. I’m going to talk about what an abortion is and methods. The rights women have to obtain one. I’m want to talk about the pros and cons about it. Why woman do it. Should it be legal and what are other options to consider rather than taking someone’s right to live and have a life away.
Abortion is one of the most common medical procedures performed in the United States each year. More than 40% of all women will end a pregnancy by abortion at some time in their reproductive lives (Trupin, Suzanne R., pg.1). That is a lot from all the US which means millions of innocent life’s taken away. This has become a very big issue but what is an abortion actually, what do they do to that little baby in those abortion clinics or what do woman who chose to end their pregnancy ask for?
Abortion comes from the Latin word aboriri which defines “to perish “or meaning “the loss of a fetal life”. In it the fetus dies while yet within the generative organs of the mother, or it is ejected or extracted from them before it is viable; that is’ before it is sufficiently developed to continue its life by itself (Coppens, Charles). Abortion is also for the meaning of a miscarriage-failure of a pregnancy. But having a miscarriage is different. Here the baby dies on its own and you have to have an abortion to take the dead baby out. Abortion now though isn’t the same because the baby didn’t die on its own but was killed. I’m going to explain some methods of abortion. Abortion methods include: Suction abortion; this procedure is used during the first three months of pregnancy. In this method a suction tube; that has a stronger force than that of a vacuum cleaner; is inserted into the womb. This suction tube then tears the baby from the womb limb from limb and if it’s even smaller it is just sucked right inside the tube along with the placenta, the pouch that contains the fetus. Then a curette, a sharp knife in a loop shape, is inserted to clean the remaining parts of the placenta that remained around womb. After the procedure the baby’s body is disposed of in the waste. Then Dilation and Curettage (D&C), here the cervix is dilated, ring forceps are inserted into the womb and the baby is removed piece by piece. Then a curette is inserted to scrape away any remaining parts of the baby and the placenta. This procedure is used at the end of the third month of pregnancy. If the baby is more than 13 weeks old then dilation and extraction is used (D&E). Like D&C the cervix is dilated and the baby is pulled apart with pliers like forceps. Since the baby is bigger more force is needed. The pliers tear the baby apart from piece to piece and pulled out. Once the doctor thinks that there are no more remains of the baby, the baby is reassembled outside of the womb to make sure. If it’s not done correctly and some parts of the baby may remain inside of her the woman can sometimes end up dying. One of the worst methods of killing a child is the Partial-Birth Abortion. This procedure is used from the 4th month to even the 9th month of pregnancy. In this abortion, the doctor uses ultrasound to locate the unborn child’s leg. By finding where the leg is located the baby is pulled out by its legs out of the womb. The baby’s legs, arms, and body are out and the baby is alive and moving. The abortionist leaves the head inside the womb. Leaving the head inside, scissors are placed between the baby’s spine and its head inside the womb. They put the scissors inside and open them up. If that doesn’t work then a suction tube is inserted into the baby’s head to pull out its brain and will be