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During the 1600s, a rapid expansion of exploration becomes an essential policy of the English. The resulting colonies, particularly the Chesapeake and New England colonies, show many differentiations. The reasons that both sets of these colonies differ are due to their various virtues. These virtues are reflected in the economies in these two sets of colonies. The colonies display further disparity in their lifestyles. Both sets of colonies have been settled by people with different values. The New England Colonies are largely occupied by families (Doc. B). Many of these families are Puritans who are seeking to escape religious persecution from Great Britain. It is also envisioned that the Massachusetts Bay Colony is to become a mold for Christianity that all others should follow (Doc A). In contrast, the Chesapeake colonies were mainly settled by young men (Doc. C). Most of these men came to the New World to search for gold and silver in order to make a fortune. These men had few skills and only tried to find gold, which almost doomed the colony completely (Doc. F). The colonies are all influenced by their origins and this shows up in their economies as well. The economies of the both colonies sets show differences in the way they operate. In the Chesapeake Colonies the major source of revenue comes from large plantations. These plantations ship out enormous quantities of the cash crop tobacco. This is not the case in New England, which does not rely on farms as a large source of income, since the climate in the region is a lot colder. In the New England Colonies, subsistence farming becomes the common trend. Whaling and fishing take hold as key trades in order to establish profits in the region instead. Several trade routes are also set up in the New England Colonies. Values and the economies of the regions have played a role in their lifestyles. New England and the…