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Collin Gammon DBQ Essay
Democracy in Colonial America was a work in progress. Some would say that we as a country would have not progressed as far as we have now without the use of slave labor. But does that make owning another person right?
Colonial America had its democratic features too. Eventually all of the 13 colonies had a legislature made up of representatives who were elected by popular vote. In the colonies general courts were created and the fact that “the choice for governor shall be decided by vote” was established. The general court was to be called into session by the governor. If the governor did not call the court into session the voters may do so and remove the governor from office. Only the general court had the power to levy taxes and make laws or repeal them. Many democratic documents were passed like the Mayflower Compact, protecting rights and liberties. Acts of religious toleration were passed and religious freedom was protected by state. Some colonies were founded for religious freedom. The constitution was founded on the words “We The
People”, the people created the country.
Colonial America was undemocratic in many ways. The colonies were under the rule of a king who made the laws and the colonists had sweared loyalty to him as British citizens Before the Constitution was signed in 1787 most colonial cities had religious leaders in charge. In colonial America to vote you had to be White, christian and male.
In all of the