Dealing with Deadly Decisions Essay

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Dealing with Deadly Decisions
Students of Medfield High School,
My name is Thomas Graham, a freshman at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. I am here today to give you all an opportunity that will open your eyes to a whole new learning experience. Assumption is a four-year Catholic College in Worcester Massachusetts that offers an extensive list of liberal arts curriculum, in a small and friendly atmosphere. An opportunity producing greater results is available at a smaller school with more professors to advance your knowledge towards achievement. Because of the similarities between Assumption and Medfield, Assumption College is a great career decision for any Medfield student because of the various opportunities and amazing programs the school has to offer.
The most important aspect when beginning the college search is finding a proper academic fit. Assumption offers small class sizes and more attention to the students’ needs which is crucial at the college level. Large schools often do not provide enough support and students become lost in the classes they are enrolled in. Medfield has skilled teachers who are extremely helpful to you all, and Assumption provides an easy transition, to some of the most recognized professors in the state. Small schools such as Assumption provide the best attention when looking for academic support. Each professor is readily available at most times during the week and will always stay after to help you with your work. Though you may be thinking to yourself, “why should I go to a college that is going to be like high school all over again?” Here is where you are wrong. College is like beginning a new life, and no matter where you are, it is going to be a brand new feeling. At Assumption you will have the pleasure of experiencing a small campus with friendly people all around you. Though it may have a small amount of students, it is nothing similar to Medfield High SChool, and I will tell you why.
At a school like Assumption College, athletics are a crucial part of the final choice. Many of you come from a prestigious athletic program particularly the soccer and lacrosse teams of Medfield High. When looking for a school to continue a sport at the college level, there is no better choice than division two. Assumption College offers a challenging D2 schedule that pushes each and every one of its student athlete’s to the limit to make the next step in the competition. College sports are very important in the rotation of academic life, however, if grades are not at a minimum GPA, schools will not allow students who are ineligible to play. Assumption College athletics are very competitive and important when considering where to attend school, however, the perfect balance of schoolwork and sports will work out great as long as the work is done. A large percentage of students are able to manage to succeed as student athletes, and Assumption is very flexible with hours that comply with your sports’ schedule.
The size of Assumption College is also a very important factor when in the university search. Coming from a school the size of Medfield, Assumption will be a great fit when looking to continue your respected reputation at a small school. However, now that you are entering college, you have the ability to do whatever you please in this atmosphere making makes one more individual and dependent in situational experiences. You will soon find that it is not much at all similar to high school, and you will thoroughly enjoy the change.
Assumption College is a catholic school. With a catholic school comes the respect and integrity that catholic students uphold. Students that attend Catholic schools show the utmost respect to not only their professors, but to their fellow peers. This is what sets Assumption aside from other schools. Catholic colleges are known for their student integrity and loyalty throughout the campus. At Assumption, students treat each other the way that