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Dear Student, Welcome to ACA 090. I can’t stress how important this class turned out to be. When I first started the class I thought it was just some class that wouldn’t do anything for me and I was only taking it because it’s required for transfer students. Throughout this class I learned how to improve my self motivation, time management, and started accepting personal responsibility. This class will be more important than you realize. This class is all about you, the student. This course is about finding out whether you are a creator or a victim, how interdependent you are, helping you master self confidence, gain self awareness, develop emotional intelligence, and even believe in yourself. But the most important thing that this class does is that it teaches you how to be successful.Due to the focus of this class I seriously looked into how I reacted to most things and how I would always give up on most things I tried.
I tried taking jiu-jitsu class when I was younger, but quit after just 3 weeks. The only thing I ever decided to stick with was band. I stuck with band for seven years. Thanks to this classes focus on the student, and helping them strive for success, I was able to realize I would achieve more with myself if I were to change my major to music and am now on the track to becoming a professional music therapist. To truly be successful, I have to accept all responsibility that comes with my new choice in major. Accepting responsibility is an absolute necessity for anything. If you have a creator mindset, this isn’t a problem. Creators seek opportunities to better themselves, can manage their time efficiently, and don’t blame others for their own short comings. Everyone who is successful in the world has a creator mindset. With a victim mindset, you will…