A Brief Note On Decisions In Paradise

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Decisions in Paradise Pt. 3
Elliot Villanueva
June, 25, 2012
Stephanie McDowell

Decisions in Paradise The plans that we have established in the previous reports seem to be coming together. It was difficult at first to have conference calls with the government and our corporate office and sit-down meetings with the representatives of the warring factions to attempt to work out these problems that plague this beautiful island nation. Somehow the communications appear to be taking hold as we are accomplishing the talks to a cease-fire in the Kava region. The representatives of the warring factions in Kava are working together to realize that our company and country are attempting to assist them in becoming an international hub for business and not just to rely on tourism to support their island nation. To address the lack of manpower to rebuild Kava to withstand the amount of natural and man-made disasters that do happen in this region, our company is willing to send 2,500 people who have construction experience to build the factory needed for our company and in addition, to build homes capable of withstanding storms for the people of Kava. Representatives from the Kavan and our government and our company are currently in negotiations with representatives from the major oil companies to start up drilling along the coast of Kava. We are also in negotiations with environmental experts to control the pollution created by the spillage of oil on the coasts of this island nation. If the talks go as well, our country may experience a drop in petroleum prices by as much as $5 – 7dollars a barrel from what the oil companies and the government are paying now. These negotiations to correct the situation in Kava and to increase our standing as a member of the business community there are still underway. I never realized that such an undertaking can be so rewarding not only for the people of Kava, but also our company and country as well. As much as I miss my little family at home, it feels so rewarding to witness the accomplishments of what is conceived here is a part of history for the company as well as the nation of Kava. Treaties regarding the cease-fire between the opposing factions in Kava are going amazingly well, this goes to show that economics can tie a unified front for in-country fighting once everyone realizes what the common good for the nation would be. They realize that this is a beneficial move for Kava and a motivation for everyone to reap the rewards of the unified actions of people who care. Through addressing every stakeholder who would benefit from this merger, it has been a courageous venture to undertake. Moving to the other situations in Kava that have not been mentioned in this writing, the training of our company’s future workforce in Kava, we are sending 1.500 of our best employees to train them on how to manufacture our products and how to lead others on our company’s way of doing things. That will take a while considering the factory has not been built yet. Our company is in the works of a health care assistance program for the Kavan people. We are in conjunction with many other companies (some subsidiaries of ours, others who had heard of the undertaking of this project and wanted to help out) to fund and with help from the Kavan government to form a Doctors Without Borders program for Kava to assist with a health care program that will train anyone who is interested in learning medicine and other healthcare programs to assist the people of Kava with birth control as well as safe sex practices and other healthcare techniques to ensure that the population is manageable and healthy in addition to educational and childcare assistance for each person to provide sufficiently for their families. These are based on the suggestions that together with the support of Alex and Chris backing these decisions with me and