Decrease Of Jobs In The United States

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Kaylen Campbell
Ms. Nelson
English IV
April 3, 2013
Decrease of Jobs in the United States

The economy’s job loss is steady decreasing drastically. Observations over a couple years show decreases in small jobs and complex jobs. Studies also show that lesser people are being hired due to states debt, stereotypical people, and an efficient amount of jobs. I have researched a few documents that other people have observed decrease in jobs. Being a young male that’s one step away from the real world, I would like to learn all I can about jobs and companies employment statistics so that I have a better chance at becoming employed.
My interests in this topic is looking ahead, visioning more jobs and better chances of hiring. I am a student about to graduate in a month or so and I’m looking for a job now, having difficulty, I can relate to the topic. The President’s State of Union made it clear that there would be more availability of jobs. Many politicians agreed and disagreed, I can use their points also in my argumentative essay. I chose this topic to learn about why jobs are steady decreasing, over the last couple years jobs have been a very highly talked about topic. I know that jobs are very hard to come by. Companies discriminate even though there’s a law against discrimination against the races, language and etcetera. When it comes to jobs you have to be sure about if that’s what you want to do. Have some inspiration about it because you would want a job that does what you love. Jobs help people mature, and help them become better people inside and out. When there’s a population that’s larger than the opportunity chances, then there’s a higher crime rate. People tend to feel like there isn’t a better opportunity in life for them so they go out and do dangerous things. They’ll do things that may get them in trouble, not thinking it through. Just so