How Did Martin Luther King Jr Change The World

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Do good and throw it in the sea is an Arabic proverb. In other words spreading kindness across the world. If everyone was kind to each other, it could make the world a better place.

Martin Luther King Jr. helped spread kindness to African Americans throughout the United States. Martin Luther King Jr. brought out the problem of segregation between African Americans and white people. In one article it read, “Brothers like Martin Luther King Jr. changed the world by bringing many of its injustices to light,” (Brody 420). Martin Luther King Jr. helped bring the change to the United States. King brought problems that nobody wanted to talk about and made it a nation wide concern; he truly did great things for our society Martin Luther King Jr. affected many lives of African Americans. Another example, “He taught us not only how to die, but also, and more importantly, how to live, as Lerone Bennett Jr. wrote in his biography,” (Brody 420). Martin Luther King Jr. touched
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One such program is Doha. Additionally, “The full purpose of Doha was to open up new opportunities for growth and development in the world’s most impoverished areas,” (MacBain 39). Doha gave a chance to the poor countries to get better as a whole. The Doha project wanted other countries to help participate in helping the poor countries. In addition, “Doha, while idealistic in its goal, set out in 2001 to develop a new platform for global cooperation that would depart from traditional aid and development programs,” (MacBain 39). Doha wanted to set a new platform for aiding the poor countries. Doha continues to help the poor countries across the world to this day. Given that, “Doha had, and continues to have, the profound ambition of restoring dignity to the world’s impoverished,” (MacBain 40). Doha has continued to help the poor countries around the world. Doha is one of many programs that helps the poor countries around the