Defining marketing Essay

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Defining Marketing
Marketing is defined as ‘performance of activities that seek to accomplish an organization’s objectives by anticipating customer or client needs and directing a flow of need satisfying goods and services from producer to customer or client.’ (Kotler & Keller, 2012) Similarly, marketing is ‘about identifying and meeting human and social needs’ (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2011). I think of marketing as a process of combining a company’s vision with their customers’ likes in a visually and verbally enticing and memorable manner in order to make money. Every company has a different customer base and function that they are working with. Food companies, home décor companies and clothing companies will all approach their customers differently but with many similarities and differences as well.
Companies such as McDonalds and Outback, rely on images of their food and key words to attract their customers to their restaurants. In the Big Mac or Bloomin’ Onion did not have pictures to show what is available they may not have become such key items for their company. The pictures of these items have to be done just right as well, they cannot be messy, dark, or greasy. The picture has to show the appeal for the item, the use of colors, steam (if applicable), backgrounds, and lighting all play a key role in pleasing the visual side of customers. Words are used to match the pictures with what the company wants to have their customers remember when they are at their restaurants. Pictures and words go hand in hand when it comes to bringing customers into restaurants and highlighting items that are the key items for the season or sale.
Certain phrases and images can be used to make a customer remember a company or product. Mr. Clean, Green Giant®, and Geico have been using images and commercials that are used to keep cleaning products, canned and frozen vegetables, and insurance easy to remember consumers. Geico’s gecko, Mr Clean, and the Green Giant are visual and audible reminders of their companies, they are easily remembered. Nike’s ‘Just do it’ and McDonalds’ ‘I’m lovin’ it’ are phrases that is just as easily remembered, phrases and images work to be constant and easy reminders of company’s and make them be in the forefront of a consumer’s thought when they are out shopping.
Stores who have a specific age range of clientele will make their ads more appealing to those customers. Car companies are geared towards men, clothing is usually geared toward women, and toys and games are more geared to kids. Kids are the harder sell for most companies; they do not have the income to be able to purchase the items that they want or the cars to be able to drive where they want to go. The