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Many computers, laptops, I pad’s and tablets in general, has surveillance tolls that permit a person with a user to control and check all kinds of activity on a PC, from snapshots, email and chat log in just to name some. These tools are normally created for parents or business environment, but the questions is can this be easily abused if you have it installed in your computer without your permission. This kind of tolls are legal in many places, but if is find out that they are abused; they can really violate your privacy. The privacy of a person should be one of the most important rights. If privacy wouldn’t exist the democratic system on where we live would not exist. Some omissions to privacy right are created by the lack of defense and security. The dictionary defined the world private as the life ambit that is develops in a reserve space or place, and that a person has the right to be protected to keep it confidential. Privacy is something spyware don’t know and don’t respect about at all. Technology, spyware has increase as a privacy, security, and utility issue. Knowing this situation is important to be informing of what are we dealing with, how to recognize or identify and how to avoid spyware.

What precisely is a spyware? Spyware is software that once is installed on a personal computer can be used to get connection or intercept the activity of the user in the computer without their concern and permission. This software technology calls spyware gather information about everybody including organizations. Spyware can take your computer system easily from the internet, usually called a software virus or sometimes the results of installing a new program. Besides spyware bring to mind software that furtively supervise the users behavior, the utility of spyware prolong well under the simple supervision and it is legal. Spyware can get a lot of people personal information, such as websites frequently visit, but not all it can be affect the control of the user computer redirecting internet browser activity, accessing to web sites that can cause damages on your computer due to the virus, all this without the user concern and in some cases advertising revenue to a third part. Spyware can be harmful; it allowed evening changing the setting of the computer, which results are a slow connection speeds, loss of programs and internet. Even when Spyware is not an illicit crime that attempt to the personal privacy, experts have found ways to recognized it. Several web users that has experienced on the area, have learned how to identify Spyware. According the results showed on many interceptions, the clues that Spyware is on a computer include a constantly barrage of pop-up advertisements, a jacked browser that is a browser that without your allowance takes people into other websites than those they tap into the box. A sudden change in your web homepage, toolbars everywhere once and once again, not expected icons, logos on the system tray at the bottom of the computer screen, error messages very randomly. A Spyware program is not usually abandoned in a computer. A machine that is infect can be easily get by many others virus or components. The computer user would frequently notice some degradation on the performance of the computer. This harmful software infestation can make you CPU act and create not desire activities, network traffic, usage of disk and all of these slow the computer system taking it down. Sometimes this software infectious is not even obvious, the users think and relates the slowness with own conclusion as windows problems in the