Deforestation In Haiti

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When individuals talk about deforestation, they talk about forest and how forest play a big role in the society and the economy.For the carnivorous and herbivorous animals forests is served as an ecosystem support meaning a food chain for them. In the forest animals see threes as like a shelter ,a way to protect themselves from rains and hot sun.Trees for animals is like a home and a place of living and they see trees as way to make ends meet .When individuals cut down trees for their own necessities,they are trying to make common goods and money,they take down the animals homes and the animals have no shelter. If there were no forests it would be a huge deserted area and humans nor animals would be able to survive.
Forests cover most of
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It has played a negative role for people and communities that are formed there. About a third of Haiti is covered in trees, and many areas with little forestation have always been that way. But the country does have a deforestation problem.. it’s just more complicated than the world imagines(Laurent 2016). With no agriculture being available,the food markets struggle to have fruits and vegetables.These trees and forest like area are being cut down to be used in other parts of the world. The rapid deforestation of Haiti began during the colonial period, and was intensified when coffee was introduced in 1730. Upland forest were cleared and fifty years later, a quarter of the colony's land was under coffee. The system of plantation monoculture and clean cultivation between rows of coffee, indigo, tobacco, and sugarcane exhausted soil nutrients and led to rapid erosion. One a regular day,errand like going shopping and eating cause me the products of deforestation.Trees are cut and burned down for Haitians to use it as a source of charcoal to cook food. Forests are used to have much supply of timber and paper products like money and printing paper. “According to the United Nations food and Agriculture Organization(FAO), the 33 million acres of forestland that are lost annually around the globe are responsible for 20% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. Deforestation also contributes to air and water pollution, a loss of biodiversity, erosion, and climatic disruption”(Savedge 2009). knowing all the negative aspect deforestation has on our society people should ask themselves,how can deforestation be avoid. “One easy way to combat deforestation is to plant more trees. But someone can take it one step further by making sure the choices they make at home, at the store, at work, and on the menu don’t contribute to the problem. Here’s what they can do about deforestation”(Savedge