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A More Perfect Union

The More Perfect Union Speech by Barack Obama which was given on March 18, 2008 was one of the strongest speeches ever given by an American. Some have even compared it to speeches like the
“Four Scores and Seven Years ago Speech” by Abraham Lincoln or even the “I Have a Dream Speech” by
Martin Luther King. After reading this speech it inspired me to go on “” and watch this speech given by Mr. Obama. The energy and strength in which he delivered the speech caused me feel emotions of agreement on a lot of the points in which he brought out to the American people. His tone of voice was strong; his planned pauses delivered his points on cue, and his adding of personal experiences with regards to his family and pastor growing up dealing with slavery and change only strengthened his speech.

I feel that Mr. Obama took a very strategic risk in addressing racial comments being pointed out by his opposition to the presidency, and in doing so he took away the ammunition being used against him. According to Carla Marinucci she also supports Barack Obama’s bold stance on addressing his beliefs in regards to racial comments made by Reverend Jeremiah Wright. She writes
“Democrat Barack Obama, who has catapulted to stardom as the first major African American candidate for president, took the boldest risk of his political career Tuesday by confronting head-on the matter of race relations in America - an issue that suddenly threatens to derail his White House bid. Obama's speech in Philadelphia called on America to break the "racial stalemate" that has long divided the country. It produced widespread agreement among political observers that it was a defining moment in the campaign, one that underscored what sets the Illinois senator apart - ethnically, politically and oratorically - from the rest of the presidential pack.”

I also like how Barack Obama appealed to his audience with the self-questioning