Demonstrative Communication Essay

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Demonstrative Communication
Sylvia Marquez
May 13, 2014
Dale Wright

Demonstrative Communication

Demonstrative Communication is expressed by the tone and by the body language. Facial expressions interpret how the individual receives the message, and can always demonstrate how someone feels with nonverbal and unwritten communication. I myself use a lot of facial expressions when I speak, as I do when I listen. Sometimes it can get me in trouble, but I do not do it in a negative way. My facial expressions just come out naturally. When a message is given adequately, the receiver now received positive feedback. Demonstrative communication can be misinterpreted if the receiver misunderstands the message given. An example of miscommunication can be that of an individual from another native speaking language, they can misinterpret the message given, from another language they do not know or fully understand. It can be frustrating not knowing what the other person is saying. Decoding the message is now ineffective because understanding the message is negative. Demonstrative communication uses the power within a message with tone of voice or the body language with apprehension. The sender and receiver can communicate effectively because of the respond indicated before the nonverbal or written communication, this is positive. On a negative note, if there is a misunderstanding between the sender and the receiver, there can be conflict between the two.…