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Department of Energy

The United States Department of Energy was previously known by a preceding name known as the Federal Energy Administration. The current Department of Energy is mainly concerned with the with the policies in the United States regarding energy and the safety in regards to the handling of nuclear material. Although the department of formally founded on August 4, 1977; 36 years ago it currently has a an important duty into protecting the safety of individuals from the probable hazards of nuclear material and other energy sources which is very important for ensuring the initiative research relating to the sources being accessed. The various responsibilities that the Department of Energy holds would include the nations nuclear weapon program, nuclear reactor productions for the U.S. Navy, energy conversation, and also radioactive waste disposal. These are of course relevant to the technology used in weapons and also which is now currently used in various states. The total number of employees currently working sums up to an approximation of 160,00 employees, which each one specializes in various tasks relating to the responsibilities of the Department Of Energy. The current budget allocated to the Department of Energy from the federal government is $29.5 billion, which is quite reasonable since the responsibilities and security the department possess is quite substantial. The current head of agency is Ernest Moniz who took office May 16, 2013 and is currently in charge of the critical procedures that the Department of Energy has to go through. The accomplishments that the Department of Energy includes the advanced state of implementing hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in which the significant process has been delayed due to the overcoming challenges due to the widespread commercialization. The progress