Energy Crisis in Pakistan Essay example

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Energy crisis in Pakistan

Introduction Pakistan is a victim of energy crisis A shortfall of energy is called energy crisis Energy crisis is not specific to Pakistan Causes behind the energy crisis Poor management Circular debt Power theft and Power wastage Corruption and lack of accountability Mis-allocation of resources Increasing price of oil in international market In past no efforts were made Alternative energy resources: Hard technologies and Soft technologies Hard technologies: Nuclear power Natural gas Natural gas import Coal LNG Soft technologies: Hydropower
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Pakistan has huge reserves of coal (186 billion ton) but only 373 million tons are utilized. Pakistan has potential of 40000 MW hydropower, whereas the installed hydropower capacity of Pakistan, last year was 6555 MW. If Pakistan use only coal reserves with utmost efficiency then it will exceed equivalent oil reserves of Saudi Arabia and Iran.
From 2004 onwards, the price of oil started soaring in the international market. The price continues to fluctuate but kept moving up each year, now the oil prices hovering around 110 per barrel. All oil consuming countries, have suffered due to consistent rising demand- driven cost of energy. Pakistan is one of the country worst hit by the rise in price energy because for last ten years, Pakistan has been importing crude oil and refined petroleum products to generate electricity.
Unfortunately when Pakistan was about to confront the energy crisis government did not efficient measures to tackle this problem in future. In past no efforts were made to ensure increase in the power generation capacity along with the increase in the correspondent population growth. Hence today we have no immediate solution to generate additional power through any source because a unit takes atleast2-3 years to establish properly and more than five years required to construct a hydro electric dam.
Regards energy production there are two proposals------one is in the favor of use of