Senior Health And The Healthcare Industry

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Running Head: Seniors, Health and the Healthcare Industry

Seniors, Health and the Healthcare Industry

Seniors, Health and the Healthcare Industry
As most of society is aware of healthcare is a hot topic and it is an issue that affects most everyone, from newborns to centenarians. I am going to show what issues affect most of our seniors in regards to mental challenges, cognitive degeneration, and physical health issues. In addition I am going to show how these changes jeopardize the independence and safety issues of seniors who live alone. I will show various ways of counteracting the different healthcare concerns that can restrict the effects of a disease or limit the symptoms of various illnesses. No matter how one feels
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It is believed that Parkinson’s disease is caused by the death of neurons in the brain that control movement. Our brains secrete a chemical called Dopamine which helps in controlling muscle action, in the realm of a person afflicted with Parkinson’s it is believed that the cells that contain the Dopamine either die or the person had fewer of these cells to begin with at birth. We as human beings move whenever the need or desire hits us, but for people with Parkinson’s disease imagine having to concentrate on wanting to move or even after concentrating one is not able to move as freely as they please. Parkinson’s symptoms that make voluntary movements almost impossible are tremors, slow movements, and stiffness of the limbs, short shuffling steps, and stooped posture. Later symptoms that become engaged are hearing and visual hallucinations, loss of contact with reality, frozen muscles, and a progressive deterioration of intellectual functions. A troubling aspect of this is that some medications for treatment of this disease can also cause some of these symptoms.
While there is no cure for Parkinson’s, there are various treatments that can slow the rate of growth of the symptoms. Some of the treatments available are exercise, physical, speech, language and occupational therapies, and in some cases surgery.
Late breaking news has just been released that states that new research found that when certain neurons