: Describe and Evaluate Using Appropriate Theory Your Attitude to Your Role and the Workplace Along with the Motivation Essay

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PART 1: Describe and evaluate using appropriate theory your attitude to your role and the workplace along with the motivation.
The motivation of employee always had been a central problem for the employers, managers or leaders. The employees who are unmotivated mostly spend little or no effort towards their jobs, they try to avoid their office or work place as much as they can, they try to get the chance or opportunity to exit the office or workplace or organization and the quality of work they produce is mostly low. However, workers or employees who are motivated towards work are mostly put their effort in work, creative and productive, which lead to high quality of production or work.
I started my job as a waiter in an Indian
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I take it as a positive way and learned many things to get promoted.

Part 3: What external influences affect your perception about your role and involvement at work? Why have they influenced you that way?
The perception is a process in which a person observes, organize and interpret their sense to understand or to give meaning to the environment around him or her.
Attribute theory: when a person observe behavior he determine whether its internal or external cause.
There are three main factors of perception
1) Perceiver ( attitude, experience, interest, and motives)
2) Target (novelty, motions, sounds, size, background, proximity, similarity)
3) Situation (time, work setting, social situation)
The perceiver thinking is strongly affected by its surrounding, expectations and experiences. Attitude is the person body language or way of talking which varies from person to person, you may have different attitude towards different people because of your different past experiences with people around you. The interest of one person may not be interested or motive of other person which can also effect the perception of a human. The second most important thing is of giving tasks, a task which is easy for one cannot be easy for the other, for example