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Joel D. Ronsheimer
Professor Roberts
English Writing 300
November 29, 2006
A Snowboarding Dream Its 5 o’clock on a cold December morning; my friends and I had just finished loading up the truck for a week long snowboarding trip to Northstar-at-Tahoe. We couldn’t wait to get on the mountain and we all knew it was going to be a memorable week. This was back in 2004 and there had just been a massive storm, which dropped a good eight inches of fresh powder, and we were anxious to get on the lifts. The whole car ride up you just feel the anticipation building up like a snowball rolling down the mountain collecting more and more snow as it rolls. Every time we drive up to Tahoe I'm amazed at how beautiful it is. Everything is covered in snow and there is just such a vast amount of it everywhere, its absolutely breathtaking and it always makes me feel carefree and relaxed, the perfect place for a vacation. A few minutes before you actually arrive at the mountain there’s a clearing that you drive through and you can see all the way to the top of the mountain. Just looking at the top I knew that someday I would live in Lake Tahoe. When we got to the parking lot it was practically empty, maybe that was because we were about forty-five minutes early. When I stepped out of the car and felt that cold air hit my face I felt right at home, and took a deep breath and anxiously put my boots, goggles, jacket and gloves on. On the gondola we couldn’t believe how much new snow there was and lucky for us we were the first people in line for the chair lift. We went straight to the top of the mountain eager to hit all the freshly laid snow generously given to us from above. The snow on that day, for lack of a better word, was perfect. It was like floating on a cloud or sliding on a mountain of marshmallows, the snow was just absolutely divine. Every time we went back to the top we would figure out a different way down to the bottom each time progressively getting harder. But that’s what was so fun about snowboarding was the challenges and that feeling of success when you overcome those challenges. That whole week we were constantly pushing each other to our limits trying new tricks that we’d never tried before. The second day of our trip we stayed in the terrain park all day just sliding across boxes, hitting rails, and flying over 30 foot jumps. Going off the jumps is probably my most favorite thing to do, especially the bigger jumps. Right before you go off a huge jump you have to gain a shit load of speed and usually while you’re riding up to the jump all you can hear is the deafening sound of wind. Once you go off the jump its complete silence and for that second or two when you’re flying through the air desperately holding onto your board you’re at complete peace with the world, everything seems so blissful. Then you hear that nice sound of the board hitting the snow and not your head and your adrenaline is still pumping. Your friends are screaming and you’re just stoked that you landed that last trick. Trying new tricks falling, getting hurt and trying again until we got it right, that was just the way things were but it we always had the best times. That week my friends and I grew so much as snowboarders and we absolutely killed Northstar. After that week I knew I loved snowboarding and nothing would stop me from doing it. Each time I went after that my love for snowboarding grew until it consumed me. I found the one thing in this world that I love more than anything. It’s like Beethoven’s love for