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A gust of wind blew my hair across my face while walking towards the shoreline. All I see in front of me are beautiful colors the sunset is creating meshing with the hypnotizing blues of the ocean. I look towards my left and see waves crashing amongst the many cliffs of rocks that lay there. The temperature of the sand much cooler at this time of day rather than the boiling point during the hottest hours of the summer days. As I walk closer to shore I start seeing small sea shells that haven’t been rescued by the waves. I pick one up studying the shape, size, even color of the beautiful object. Before I could even fathom what is going on, I hear loud crashes of waves pounding against the rocks on shore. Noticing that the sun has disappeared answers my questions of such powerful waves and cold temperature. I could just imagine it now; music playing in the background; teenagers running up and down the beach daring each other to skinny dip. Someone with a guitar and bonfire set up playing cool, relaxing tunes perfect for the beach. Loud laughter from enjoyment amongst the group of friends. The smell of roasted marshmallows and melting chocolate being created into s’mores hypnotizing my senses. All the fun activities coming to a halt once someone suggest a story telling segment of the night. Everyone quiet, except the storyteller of course, listening to the funny, sad, or even ironic stories everyone has to offer. The sound of waves crashing in the