To What Extent Was German Foreign Policy Responsible For The Outbreak Of The War

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HSC Modern History - ASSESSMENT TASK 4 To what extent was German Foreign Policy responsible for the outbreak of the War in Europe? In-class: Tuesday 21st July, 2015




For this task you will answer the essay question:

To what extent was German Foreign Policy responsible for the outbreak of the War in Europe?

The assessment will be written in-class on Tuesday 21st July (Week 2, Term 3) under examination conditions. Students will have 45 minutes to write their essay.


Your History teacher will have guided you through the relevant sections of the unit ‘Conflict in Europe 1935-45’ in preparation for this assessment task.

Having prior knowledge of the question, it is important to do further research beyond what you have covered in your class and homework notes.

It is recommended that you both plan and draft your essay prior to writing it in-class on 21st July. You will be able to submit one draft to your History teacher for feedback. For submission of the draft, please print off a hard copy and submit it to your teacher by 18th June.

In line with the College’s policy on plagiarism, you should also ensure that you do not copy anyone else’s work in completing this task.

H1.2 Analyse and evaluate the role of key features, issues, individuals, groups and events of selected twentieth century studies

H2.1 Explains forces and ideas to assess their significance in contributing to change and continuity during the twentieth century

H 3.2 Locates, selects and organises relevant information from different types of sources

H 3.5 Plans and presents the findings of historical investigations, analysing and synthesising information from the different types of sources

H4.1 Use historical terms and concepts appropriately

H 4.2 Communicates a knowledge and understanding of historical features and issues, using appropriate and well-structured oral and written forms

In your task you will be assessed on how well you:

Deliver a clear, sustained and balanced assessment of the question

Organise and structure your response

Make use of a range of relevant historical information and historiography to support your argument

Demonstrate accurate grammar, along with effective sentence and paragraph construction

Candidate Number __________________________________Class ___________________


A student

Addresses the question asked with a sophisticated and sustained argument that demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the issue(s) raised in the question.
Presents a logical, coherent and well-structured response drawing on a clear identification of a broad range of relevant key features of the period.
Supports interpretation with detailed, relevant and accurate historical information and historiography.
Makes use of a range of appropriate terms and concepts in a sophisticated manner.

21 - 25

Addresses the question asked with a sound argument that demonstrates a well-developed understanding of the issue(s) raised in the question.
Presents a logical and well-structured response