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Detroit’s Disturbance

Detroit; a city known to the rest of the world as Motown, filled with ambition, love, and hope, but like other cities faces some very important challenges. A Challenge is not just a trouble but it has wider meanings. We generally label only those complexities a challenge which are noteworthy and from which we can overcome. A challenge is a difficulty that bears within an opportunity for development. Another word for a challenge is a word that I like to use which is known as an obstacle. An obstacle as for challenge is something that stands in the way of progress. Detroit faces many challenges in the world today. Some as small as losing historical monuments known as the DIA or challenges as big as going bankrupt. With that being said I will like to focus on three main challenges urban youth, population deficit, and police protection. All the challenges facing this community are important, but the problem that I believe is of superior importance is urban youth. This problem that Detroit is facing, has been affecting its children and students for a long time, and if not resolved could potentially cause greater problems. The high school graduation rate is exceptionally low, compared to other cities and the main reason for this problem in Detroit is the high juvenile crime arrest. This city has a very high percentage of violence, among teens especially. How are teens going to learn, and get a well-rounded education if they are around constant violence? If there is no education in this city, then there will be unemployment. Children need to be raised in a safe environment, in which they are learning the right ways of life and not growing up around such violence. Not only is there violence in communities but also within the schools. Another big issue that Detroit is currently facing is the shrinking population. This is an enormous issue because it affects not only the city but what makes up the city and keeps the city running. For example schools, jobs, businesses, etc. according to NBC news The city’s population plunged by over a quarter of a million between 2000 and 2010,